About Us


I am Victoria the shop owner of My Planning Addictions for all type of planning. I am married to a very supportive husband for about 12 years already (FYI he is the one who helps me put washi on your packages and packs them), I have three boys (18,14 & 6), lots of dogs (LOL), and I work full time M-F as a Patient Service Representative during the day and when husband and kids are asleep then I work on the shop. 

Planning became my true obsession and decided it was time to open up our own shop this year in 2016. Our first shop was on Etsy.  I started planning first and making PWM video's. Which I hope to learn how to balance life and will get back on track with those. I honestly couldn't have been happier... I love making kits and functional items for other amazing planner friends.

Other obsessions are makeup, movies, being with the family and just enjoying every bit of life. I love being spontaneous but I also love to plan out what we have going on. 

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me. I am pretty good at responding within 24 hrs. Well depends our time zone lol.